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We help you build a better body
in a fitness home you'll love!

Personal Training in Northampton

Tier 1 Personal Training in Northampton

Tier 1 is a gym designed for those for whom mainstream gyms aren't the right fit. 


Here at Tier 1, our passion lies in helping you become the best version of yourself. Whether you're recovering from an injury, starting from scratch, or want or aiming to enhance your current fitness and performance level, we've got you covered.


“No one cares how muchyou knowuntil they knowhow much you care”

A Gym Like No Other

Traditionally personal training costs between £35 - £60 per hour in Northampton. It often means committing to a single trainer at their set price and availability, along with the inherent intensity of one-on-one sessions, potentially filled with awkward small talk or uncomfortable silences.

Here at Tier 1, we utilise a unique personal training model called Small Group Personal Training (SGPT). SPGT is our version of one-to-one personal training but better

Our small group approach offers you benefit of individualised coaching, in a less intense environment with other like-minded fun members but a fraction of the cost (as low £23 per session) and much more scheduling flexibility. We promise you - it’s a real no brainer! You get to train in an exclusive gym setting with no numpties or posers! other than me..!

Tier 1 Experince

The Tier 1Experience

The Tier 1 Experience is our popular introductory offer for new clients.


We know it can be difficult finding the right training environment, so this offer will give you the opportunity to see what we can do, and reassure you that you have found your fitness home. 

IMG_4455_edited.jpg, what's included in
The Tier 1 Experience?

  • FREE Success Session (45 mins)

- Introductory chat and review your training goal(s).

- Movement assessment (don't worry - nothing intense here, it gives us the best idea to choose the right exercises for you).

  • 2 Personal Training Sessions Per Week for 4 Weeks

- 8 personal training sessions in total at the Tier 1 gym.

  • Customised 4 Week Training Plan

- A progressive training plan designed to improve mobility, increase your strength and power and your overall resiliency.

  • Nutritional Advice and Guidance

- You will be provided the Complete Nutrition Guide which covers 12 habits and a nutrition guide for you to follow.

  • Discounted Sports Therapy Treatment

  • FREE Tier 1 Training T-shirt!

all this for £149

The hardest step is the first step...

Let me make this as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Jon Facci

Step 1

Book your FREE 15 minute call with Jon about you, your fitness dreams and book in for your FREE - zero commitment success session.

- - no obligation to proceed - -

Training at Tier 1

Step 2

Come to your FREE success session.

Introductory chat and review your training goal(s) including a movement assessment.

Jon Facci spotting a bench press

Step 3

Schedule and attend your first coached session of The Tier 1 Experience.

- - no obligation to proceed - -

What you don't want!


One size fits all training sessions

10+ in a class and only one trainer

High intensity training (HIIT) only sessions

Uncomfortable, ‘clicky’ environment

What Tier 1 provide:


Individualised training plans

No more than 5 in a class

Friendly, welcoming environment

Combination of strength, high intensity and rejuvenation sessions

Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting...
Claim The Complete Nutrition Guide for FREE

ipad iha 2.gif

"Great gym with a brilliant atmosphere. Jon and the whole team at T1 are all very welcoming, passionate and knowledgeable. I no longer dread going to the gym and have found new motivation for my fitness journey, finally, after 33 years.


Having started my journey about 6 months ago, I can already see vast improvements and am looking forward to see where I will be in another 6 months. Highly recommend!"

Luke O, Aug '23

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