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Origin Story

Hey there, I'm Jon.

I am the owner and head coach at Tier 1. My fitness journey started in 1999 with the goal of joining the Royal Marines, but a knee injury led me to discover my passion for the gym during rehabilitation. After earning a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science, I became a personal trainer in 2005.

In my early days as a trainer, I made mistakes, believing intense workouts were the only way. Through experience and professional development, I realized this approach wasn't effective. I've invested in my growth, attending courses globally and learning from top coaches, evolving and continuously improving.

Passionate about training for competitive pursuits and helping those with fitness concerns, I aim to make fitness enjoyable for all. Whether guiding individuals in competitive sports or supporting those intimidated by previous experiences, my goal is to navigate the complex world of health, fitness, and nutrition.

As of today I am a proud father of two young children. Being firmly on the sunny side of 40 I understand the significance of training for the "being able to run around with my children" moments and importance of being and keeping healthy, as we all want to be there for our children in later life.


Join me at Tier 1 - where we embrace an approach to fitness, focusing on health and longevity while making you faster, stronger, more resilient AND will not beat your body up in the process!

What is Tier 1?

Tier 1 Personal Training emerged as an offshoot of Tier 1 Training and Rehabilitation Systems, founded in 2016.

Recognizing a gap between therapy and fitness, we noticed how confusing it could be for individuals dealing with injuries.


Therapists and fitness pros often spoke different languages, leading to conflicting exercises and leaving people unsure of how to train with an injury.

Our mission at Tier 1 Training and Rehabilitation Systems was to revamp physical therapies and training by crafting our own integrated system.

After relocating to a bigger space in Swan Valley, Northampton in 2022, Tier 1 evolved into Tier 1 Personal Training and AT ONE Therapy while maintaining our unique approach to exercise and rehabilitation. Ollie and Stu are still part of the coaching team.

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